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CRDN is the leading expert in textile and electronic restoration. We serve as part of the emergency response team, working with policyholders, insurance representatives, and contractors to restore peace of mind after a disaster. Our services reduce replacement costs and limit additional living expenses. In short, we help policy holders get back on their feet.

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CRDN has always been at the forefront of innovation. Since our founding in 2001, we have set the bar for textile restoration and continue to raise it as we refine our processes and find new ways to serve our customers. CRDN was the first to offer a formalized restoration solution for clothing and textiles affected by smoke, odor, soot, mildew and water.

Founder, Wayne Wudyka, recalls how it all began. "A woman brought a pile of soot covered clothing into my drycleaning business. She was upset, a fire had destroyed her home and she needed someone to restore her belongings.”

Wayne accepted the challenge and thoroughly cleaned and restored all her garments to “like new” condition. Nearly two decades later CRDN continues to help individuals throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK overcome the setbacks of both small claims and large disasters.

Now, we’ve taken everything we know and learned about restoration and applied it to restoring consumer electronics and art and collectibles. We understand that textiles and electronics are more than a collection of "things." That's why we built technology, processes, and a nationwide network of service experts to meticulously restore items to their former glory.

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CRDN serves the continental United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We deliver fast, community-focused service in every location. We build relationships with local insurance agents, adjusters, and contractors to ensure policyholders receive the care they deserve.

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As members of the oldest, largest, and most experienced network of textile and electronic restoration experts, we are part of an elite team of certified professionals.

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Serving a Green Purpose

For more than fifteen years, CRDN has restored clothing and other fabrics so families don't have to discard and replace important belongings. By restoring textiles, electronics, and art to pre-loss condition, CRDN reduces the amount of waste and pollution caused by disasters. We are committed to following sustainable, energy-efficient practices.

Here are some facts about our environmental efforts:

  • 65% of our textile restoration work is water-based ("wet cleaning”), which involves biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • 90% of our locations recycle hangers for production purposes.
  • Many CRDN operators invest in energy-efficient cleaning equipment that cuts water use by more than 53% and decreases dryer gas consumption by more than 57%.
  • Each year, CRDN is responsible for keeping millions of pounds of textiles and electronics out of landfills.