Adjusters & Agents

CRDN builds strong relationships with insurance adjusters and agents. After filing a claim with us, we will complete an on-site inventory and pack-out affected textiles, electronics, and art. We understand the pressure of getting policyholders back on their feet as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our restoration process ensures that we deliver reliable, professional service on time, every time.

How It Works


Arrive On-Site

CRDN communicates with the policyholder to arrange an on-site visit. During our visit we will assess the level of damage to help adjusters develop a scope of loss.


Scope The Loss

CRDN creates an inventory of all the items at the loss site including detailed notes and photos. This documentation will help indemnify restoration costs and reduce the risk of disputes. Providing precision and clarity is important.

Return Items

Our restoration process is designed to speed up the claims process. CRDN's Immediate Needs Service returns necessary items in 24 hours. We keep an open line of communication with policyholders and contractors and provide an accurate time estimate of when our work will be complete.

The CRDN Advantage

Expert Care in Every Industry

CRDN works with policyholders in all industries. We understand the unique needs that each industry faces to recover from a disaster.

No Surprises

Just like you, we have high standards. We're confident that our process will produce great results. Our software and program management staff ensure each CRDN location meets requirements and exceeds expectations.

Clear Communication

CRDN serves as the middle man between policyholders, adjusters, and contractors. We communicate with each party to ensure that everyone is on the same page. As a result, you will receive less phone calls from policyholders.

Long-Term Storage

CRDN provides long-term storage solutions so policyholders have access to necessary items while they recover.

Immediate Needs Service

To reduce living expenses, our team can rush deliver two weeks' worth of necessary clothing, shoes and electronics in 24 to 48 hours. Please check with your local CRDN to see if this special service is available in your area.

Learn From the Experts

CRDN educates the industry on textile and electronic restoration. Our certified experts offer a variety of continuing education courses to help insurance adjusters and agents provide higher quality service. Our courses cover topics like contaminated textiles, extreme hoarding, ethical behavior, and more. Contact us to schedule an event in your area.

Start The Claims Process

To get started, we need to collect some basic information about the claim. Then we'll get right to work.

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