Commercial Restoration


Commercial Restoration Services

CRDN can manage any size commercial restoration claim. From small retail shops and office buildings to medical and industrial facilities, CRDN helps limit the business interruption associated with a commercial loss. With 132 locations across the U.S. and Canada, CRDN can be “Eyes on” the same day for most claims. Our Commercial Response Units are ready to roll with equipment trailers, experienced Project Managers, and a full team of restoration technicians.

Claim Management Process

When we arrive on-site, we meet with all stakeholders to understand the needs and expectations of the client and the insurance company. Our plan of action ensures all stakeholders stay aligned with the established goals and timelines throughout the entire restoration process. We document everything in a comprehensive scope of work and initiate a proven process to manage the job.

  • Hold update meetings at the beginning of each day to set goals and expectations.
  • Work around normal business hours if needed.
  • At the end of each day, provide an email overview to all stakeholders.
  • Provide detailed documentation of all work.

Restoration Process

When it comes to the actual restoration process, CRDN can conduct testing and restoration of electronics at the loss site or transport them back to our facilities. The same holds for certain textile, industrial or art items. Our objective is always to utilize the most efficient and cost-effective process while also seeking to limit business interruptions.

CRDN will work with owners, original equipment manufacturers, the policyholder’s maintenance team, IT staff, or equipment users to ensure they are confident in our restoration process. Any stakeholder is welcome to evaluate our testing and decontamination/cleaning processes at any time.

Quality Assurance

CRDN provides comprehensive documentation and full transparency into all work carried out including:

  • Clarity on the cost of services.
  • Daily electronic updates on total spend to date and estimated daily burn rate.
  • Daily photo sets showing all equipment and personnel on-site.
  • Detailed time and materials breakdown.
  • Pre and post decontamination photographs.
  • Written notes and technician sign-off.

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