Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration Cleaning

After a fire, CRDN is here to support you with quality fire restoration cleaning services. Our goal is to ensure your household textiles, electronics, art, and collectibles are properly restored to their pre-loss condition to help you get back to a sense of normalcy.


What Is Fire Restoration Dry Cleaning?

Fire restoration dry cleaning, a part of our full suite of cleaning services, is the process of using dry cleaning technology to restore your soft contents, such as clothing and household fabrics, after a fire. The goal of this service is to effectively remove smoke and soot damage and help ensure toxic chemicals are properly removed from your textiles to protect your health and the integrity of your home’s soft contents.

Below are some services you can expect to receive from our team to help restore your fire-damaged contents to their pre-loss condition:


Electronics Fire Restoration Services

We understand the impact a fire can have on your home and family, which is why our team is on standby 24/7 to provide fire restoration cleaning services for electronic devices as well.

Smoke and soot can invade just about any electronic device, and if left unchecked, their corrosive effects can lead to permanent damage. CRDN tests, disassembles, and cleans internal parts for many electronic devices to help restore them to pre-loss condition.


Art & Collectibles Fire Restoration Services

Your home is filled with art and collectible items, most of which can be restored if handled professionally. Whether the items have a high monetary value or carry great sentimentality, we treat each with the same level of care.

The variety of materials we can restore may seem endless; canvas, paper, porcelain, ceramic, glass, wood, metal, and natural fibers, to name a few. CRDN art restoration technicians are trained by expert conservators to handle each using the least aggressive approach necessary to protect the item's integrity.


Our Fire Restoration Cleaning Process

When the smoke clears, CRDN steps in to remediate the damage. Our restoration process can remove debris, smoke odor, and soot from textiles, electronics, and art.


1. Assess Fire Damaged Items
Our first step is to set up a time to arrive on-site and assess all fire-damaged items. This allows our team to take photos and make thorough notes to identify restoration costs and reduce the risk of disputes during the insurance claim process.


2. Provide Fire Restoration Cleaning Services
After the assessment, our team provides the correct fire restoration cleaning services for each item to help ensure your contents are restored to their pre-loss condition. For instance, heavy smoke in clothing may require ozone treatments to completely remove lingering smoke odors and electronics may need extra treatments to prevent corrosive soot contamination.


3. Test and Return Restored Contents
After the individualized restoration services are completed, we carefully inspect your contents to ensure they have been properly restored, inside and out, before returning them safely to you. If an item is still damaged after the fire restoration services, it will be deemed “non-restorable.” Our restoration guarantee ensures that there is no charge for our restoration efforts if the item is deemed non-restorable.



Find Restoration Cleaning Services Near Me

CRDN is here to support you after a fire with quality fire restoration cleaning services. Our team is on standby 24/7 to help you receive quick and quality services. Call the toll-free number at the top of your screen or submit a claim to get started.